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The invention concerns a device to limit the amount of air intake into a rotating mixer operating beneath a liquid surface.

Mixers of this type are used for instance in waste water and in various types of industrial process liquids to maintain a homogeneous mixture and to prevent sedimentation. The mixer is then placed at a distance below the liquid surface directed so that a flow suitable for the mixing vessel is obtained.

The so-called submersible mixer is common today. This mixer is comprised of a hydraulic part having a propeller and an attached driving unit. The big advantage with such a mixer is that it is easier to place the mixer advantageously as there is no long shaft connected to a driving unit outside the tank.

When operatiing in shallow tanks where the mixer must be placed near the liquid surface, specific problems arise. The draw that arises around the mixer means that there is a risk for air intake from the liquid surface. This air intake means a worse efficiency and in addition there is a risk for vibration in the mixer which disturbs the flow and causes mechanical strain in the material. These problems occur mainly if the mixer is situated within or near the liquid surface.

In order to solve the problems it has been suggested to arrange a floating cover on the surface above the mixer. Such a cover can be useful, but the fact that the liquid level often changes means that the result often is insufficient.

According to the invention, the problem to reduce the risk for air intake to a rotating mixer is solved by a device stated in the following claims.

The invention is described more closely below with reference to the enclosed drawing.

In the drawing is shown 1, a stand for the submersible mixer onto which is mounted 2, and electric motor which drives 3, a shaft and 4, propeller. Also shown, 5, a propeller shroud; 6, the cover; 7, a sliding bracket to guide the mixer up and down; 8, a guide bar; 9, the tank bottom; and 10, the liquid surface.

The mixer, which preferably is arranged horizontally, constitutes a single unit which may be moved vertically along a guide. The distance between the mixer and the tank bottom 9 is not allowed to be too short to secure a good result and therefore the problem with a too short a distance between the mixer and the liquid surface 10 often arises.

According to the invention, a cover 6 is arranged below the liquid surface just above the mixer. The cover is so designed that its front edge is situated 0,5 - 0,7 times the propeller diameter ahead of the propeller area, while its back edge is situated about twice the propeller diameter behind the area of the propeller.

The width of the propeller is about twice the propeller diameter. These measures are approximative and may vary in dependance of the type of liquid, the distance to the liquid level etc.

The cover 6 should be arranged as near the propeller 4 or its jetring as possible without considerably limiting the inlet area and is according to first embodiment, in parallel with the driving shaft 3 (horizontally). According to a preferred embodiment the cover 6 is inclined 5 to 15 degrees, preferably 8 - 12 degrees with regard to the horizontal plane. This gives a better efficiency as the cover then represents less hinderance for the flow. In spite of that, there is very little risk for air intake even if the water level goes down even to the upper edge of the cover.

The cover is normally designed plane, but even other more or less curved embodiments are possible.

The great advantage with the invention is thus that the cover is mounted on the mixer which means that it is always placed correctly, independent of where the mixer is operating. In addition the inclination of the cover according to the preferred embodiment that a good efficiency is maintained and that the risk for air intake is minimized even when the mixer is operating near the liquid surface.

  1. A device to limit the amount of air intake into a rotating mixer operating beneath a liquid surface which is designed as a cover arranged above the mixer, characterized in that the cover (6), which may be designed plane or curved, is arranged directly on the mixer having its front end (6a) within the area immediately above and possibly ahead of the propeller (4) and its back end (6b) within the area above the motor (2).
  2. A device according to claim 1.

    Characterized in that the cover (6) forms an angle of 5-15 degrees preferably 8 - 12 degrees with the driving shaft (3), the front end (6a) being closer to the shaft (3) than the back end (6b).
  3. A device according to claim 1. characterized in that the cover (6) has a width of twice the diameter of the propeller (4) and a length 2 - 3 times said diameter.
  4. A device according to claim 1, characterized in that the front end (6a) of the cover is situated 0,5 - 0,7 times the propeller diameter ahead of the area of the propeller (4), while its back edge (6b) is situated about twice the propeller diameter behind the area of the propeller (4).

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